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Deep Dive: Uniswap v3 | Can You Still Be a "Lazy Liquidity" Provider with this Novel AMM Design?

Episode Summary

This week, Larry Cermak (Head of Research) and Mika Honkasalo (Research Analyst) at The Block join the show to discuss the novel Uniswap v3 Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. If you're already (or looking to become) a liquidity provider (LP) on AMMs, you'll want to learn what features are introduced in the latest AMM design. ►What are advantages and disadvantages to being a LP on the v3 AMM ? ►Do I get better pricing trading blue chip DeFi coins and stablecoins on v3 versus v2 and other AMMs?

Episode Notes

We unstack:
►Passive/ Semi-Passive/ Active capital
►New AMM design features: concentrated liquidity (capital efficiency, active liquidity, range orders, non-fungible liquidity) and flexible fee tiers
►Fungible v. Non-Fungible LP Tokens
►Liquidity distribution across assets compared to v2 for blue chip DeFi and long tail assets
►Smart vaults for tokenized LP strategies
►AMMs competing on L2s (i.e Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism)
►Uni token value accrual - how do Uni token holders make money?

An Early Look at Uniswap v3 Activity

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Mika Honkasalo (Twitter)

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